Big News for Alberta Business

Entrepreneurs and small business leaders are struggling despite the recent drop in business taxes in Canada.

The 17th Ave Construction Rundown

Since the City of Calgary has announced its 3-year “overhaul” project on 17th Avenue, local businesses have been drastically affected.

Is Increased Property Tax “Closing Calgary for Business”

Is your business in Calgary taking the property tax hit? #calgaryisclosing, but Calgary Commercial Group can help!

Weathering Calgary’s Vacancy Storm with Cryptocurrency?

Due to the collapse of oil prices in the last four years, Calgary has faced a steady increase in vacancy. The vacancy rate has increased 18% since 2014

Free Sand-Salt Mix For Your Sidewalks Available At Local Calgary Fire Departments.

A lot of people don’t know this but the City of Calgary provides free sand-salt mix for citizens to use on their driveway or side walk.